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Jan. 30, 2014.  Blizzard!!!


    Jan. 30, 2014.

  2. Maintanence

    The blog will be down for a certain amount of time

  3. Macbook Problems

    So the Macbook Pro is great for just about anything development related, but is HORRIBLE for gaming even though that’s ALL I DO.

  4. Originalish

    So I was playing World of Warcraft (or for those of you who only understand ¬†short titles I was playing WoW) I found a PLANTS VS ZOMBIES game… and I also found yesterday that I suck at it.¬†

  5. Live Sexting

    When you see it, REBLOG IT.

    • Depression Hotline:
    • Suicide Hotline:
    • LifeLine:
    • Trevor Project:
    • Sexuality Support:
    • Eating Disorders Hotline:
    • Rape and Sexual Assault:
    • Grief Support:
    • Runaway:
    • If you ever want to talk:
  6. My Cousin Battlefield

    I’m on a big boy kill streak

  7. So, time to blog again and see if narcissism and melancholy have the same popularity that I think they do.
    So what did I do this week?
    I woke up, immeadiately went back to sleep. Woke up againand prepared to bus to teh facility in which I take my pointless education so I can: grow up, get a job, move out, “make a life”, wither and die.Then after each day I would come home and do the work assigned to me by my professors as part of my education.

  8. Random pictures

    For those of you wondering why I was posting various pictures, I was experimenting with my themes html coding and after a while chose a background image for my theme (for now).

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